Project's Location

The Kpone power plant is situated in the heavy industrial area of Tema, a coastal town of about 24 km to the east of Accra.

This is an ideal location, close to all main logistical interconnections; adjacent to the West African Gas Pipeline landing point in Tema, approximately 600 meters from the Atlantic Ocean enabling the use of sea water for direct cooling.

Key Project Components
  • 350 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) with multiple fuel (light crude oil, distillate and natural gas) operating capability.
  • A 161 kV substation for power transmission.
  • Circa 2 kilometer natural gas pipeline connecting the power plant with the West Africa Gas Pipeline
  • • Light Crude Oil (LCO) fuel supply, delivery and treatment facilities, including two onsite storage tanks with a total capacity of about 18,000m3, as well as offsite LCO storage tanks with a capacity of about 70,000m3.
  • Working Capital funding for fuel

Our Technology
Kpone IPP is a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (‘CCGT’) plant comprising:
  • Two General Electric Frame 9E Gas Turbines.
  • Two double pass Heat Recovery Steam Generators from NEM of the Netherlands.
  • A Siemens' Steam Turbine.
  • Electrical Generators and Auxiliaries.

A CCGT power plant combines the benefits of proven technology, lower emissions and being relatively predictable in terms of build and cost. Additionally, high reliability and the ability to operate with a range of fossil fuel feedstocks, represent a very attractive solution to meet Ghana’s urgent need for additional generating capacity.

Impact on Ghana’s electricity industry
  • Kpone IPP will improve Ghana’s security of electricity supply, increasing the country’s dependable installed thermal generation capacity by approximately 15% when operational.
  • Kpone IPP will generate circa 2,700 GWh of electricity a year, equivalent to the demand of approximately 1 million households in Ghana.

Project Financing Highlights
  • Total project cost: circa US$900 million.
  • Total debt: circa US$650 million.
  • Total equity: circa US$250 million.
  • It is a largely African deal, with international partners.
  • The founding shareholders are Ghanaian.
  • 67% of equity is held by African entities.
  • The construction company is African.
  • 83% of the senior debt is issued by African lenders.